The most meaningful way to visit a Tuscan city or town is to discover small piazzas and side streets. We will pop into some of the hidden courtyards and cloisters, stop and look up at an elegant Renaissance façade or see some of the paintings that so
inspired poet Robert Browning.

This is the philosophy of "New Horizons - Exploring Lesser-known Tuscany" - tours for individuals or small groups custom designed by Jane Nyhan. Jane has lived in Tuscany for twenty years, and is legally licensed to guide in the cities of Florence and Siena as well as being licensed to guide and lead people on the trails of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

In addition to the city tours, there are several country excursions
including hiking itineraries.

The tours are made to be tailored to all ages, interests and requests.
More tours can be created, the solutions are endless.
There are several Nature Reserves and Bird Sancturies in central Italy
should there be a request for a Natural History tour.